Our History

Newly inaugurated President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the fir

Disability community leaders founded Power & Pride in January 2009 following a successful and first-of-its-kind Disability Power & Pride Inaugural Ball for President Obama. Assembling nearly 1,000 people in the disability community from across the country for an incredibly enjoyable and memorable event signaled both the potential and need for opportunities to celebrate a community’s power & pride.

Though the disability community has honed extraordinary policy expertise covering the full spectrum of domestic and international disability issues, the community has not achieved a level of meaningful cross-disability identification and unification even remotely matching the oft-claimed representation and power of 54 million Americans with disabilities. Our purpose is to compliment a diverse network of non-profit disability organizations that focus on service delivery, disability policy, and advocacy for specific issues by providing a welcoming platform to unify the community and expand its numbers—a platform of power & pride.