Mission Statement

Our mission is to mobilize all Americans with disabilities, and their families, friends and allies, to speak with one powerful voice. We change public perceptions of disability by promoting leadership, fostering dialogue and unity, and empowering individuals to become active citizens. Our role is one of stewardship rather than possession.

“Disability Power & Pride” is larger than any individual, group of individuals, organization, or network of organizations. Disability Power & Pride stand apart as concepts that can unite us and lead us toward making progress as a community.

A group shot of friends and colleagues at the ADA Gala.

Disability: The Power and the Pride

By Susan Mazrui

We are your parents and your children, your brothers and your sisters.
We are your employees and employers, your students and your teachers,
your neighbors and your friends.
We are your lovers and your leaders.
We are warriors and we are peacemakers.
We advocate. We vote.
We are not the problem. We are problem solvers.
We have strength in numbers – and as individuals, alone.
We are not victims. We will not be pushed aside.
We have changed attitudes.
We have changed laws.
We have changed the world.
Tomorrow, we fight the inequity that remains.
Tonight, we celebrate.
The Power and the Pride.